Fredericksburg, Vineyards, Texas Hill Country OH MY

Hello loves!

Today I wanted to share with you about my recent travel experience in Fredericksburg and Texas Hill Country.

I’ll also share some photos from the vineyard we visited! We stayed at a beautiful Arizonian style airbnb (which to be honest felt like the castle on the hill that Ed was talking about- you’ll see why in a minute) with a couple of good friends.

I’ve always been the sort to prefer a quiet, comfortable relaxing getaway on holidays and this might just become a returning favorite.

Check out this view from the airbnb’s balcony:

View from our Texas Hill Country Airbnb balcony in Texas Hill Country

View from our Texas Hill Country Airbnb balcony in Texas Hill Country

Our plan was to spend a day in Fredericksburg, visit a winery or two, do a wine tasting or five, explore the quaint town and shops, and try some local cuisine.

Then on the other full day we would head to the riverwalk and San Antonio. I’ve been to San Antonio a few times, but hadn’t been to Fredericksburg before and it did not disappoint!

Touring the Becker Hill Vineyard, glass in hand

Touring the Becker Hill Vineyard, glass in hand

Becker Hill Vineyards- For just $19 you received 6 tasting tickets, a tour of the vineyard and an engraved riedel wine glass to take home.

10/10 would recommend even just for the wine glass alone-I’m a wine glass nerd and riedel wine glasses are EXPENSIVE.

We just happened to be there on the day that the annual grape stomp was happening, but that was a solid pass for us. We’ve all seen that video where the woman reporter falls off a platform while trying her hand— errr feet at grape stomping on live tv, right??

Just in case, for your amusement:

Questionable hygiene and potential danger aside, that’s not my cup of te—errr glass of wine. I’d rather not have to work for my vino, but to each their own.

mila flowers.jpg
mila standing 2.jpg
lexi flowers winery.jpg
mila lexi standing flowers.jpg
justin and mila.jpg
kyle and lexi vineyard.jpg

Our Airbnb came stocked with a private hot tub and pool right off the balcony. I was so inspired by this house, and I love when you can tell that an artist lives there. There’s a certain joy that’s present, in the bright colors, and for this house in particular, the eclectic aztec style/arizona influences in furniture and ambience.

Susie (the owner) is an artist, food writer and lives in the home half of the time.

Her and her partner Linda live part time in San Antonio, part time in Texas Hill Country, and spent the whole summer traveling abroad while they had people booked in their Texas Hill Country residence.

Talk about #goals!


If you follow me on instagram, I have some videos posted on my stories “Travel” section that probably showcase a little more behind the scenes action.

Pictures truly cannot do this place justice!


What moments make your world stand still?