Life: Presently


Today, I wanted to share the amazing experience I had at Present Company recently.

I'll also link to my neutrals focused outfit for the babes that were asking how my romper was only $13!


Life: Presently

Life has been full lately, from a promotion at my job, to completely redesigning the company website and visits from family and friends!

September/October is going to be extremely busy as well, with trips back home and to OSU, family coming to stay here, and gearing up for my first trip out of the country in October!


Throughout all of the excitement, and with the rush of change comes an increased and equal need for pausing and appreciating the moment.

In reaching for the next goal, I never want to forget to enjoy the process as I go, exactly as I am IN THAT MOMENT.

See and love yourself and your journey every step of the way, not just at the end when you "finally get to where you're going."


This bar has a sign for every instababe. It's fate, you definitely have to visit this place if you are coming through Houston. 

They have quite a diverse menu, and although I only tried the brunch menu, I would be happy to come back in the evening for an upscale version of bar bites! 


What I liked most about this bar was that it really captured the essence of the Montrose Arts district. Shawn Bermudez, described by the Houston Chronicle as "a prolific bar owner and restaurateur" really outdid himself with his latest creation.

With more than 8,000 potted plants on the walls, and bright beautiful walls and nooks to match, this place is straight out of your best dream.

final editeddddd 2.jpg

I want to feel the moments while I'm here, not just collect the memories for another time.

Thanks for reminding me of the power of the present, Present Company.


Lightweight Trench: TJ Maxx similar here

Taupe Choker Romper : ShopTobi Size M